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VentureQuest helps businesses go from generating ideas to creating value by using our VentureSystem™, a systematic and rigorous filtering process. It helps to quickly identify, assess, and evaluate ideas resulting in streamlining innovation time-to-market. VentureQuest helps organizations quickly identify high-potential concepts and technologies that strategically fit business goals and objectives. Our experienced professionals work with executive leadership to create, improve, and manage world-class innovation systems.

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This is just a small sample of the industries with which we have worked.


VentureQuest Ltd. helps engineering companies move quickly into new markets, adapt to changing demands and create new revenue streams by identifying and assessing new ideas and promising technologies, and market opportunities. Our unique opportunity evaluation process takes a company from idea generation, through screening and assessment, to opportunity validation and commercialization. It also creates strategies for idea protection.

Many engineering companies have not been able to capture and leverage opportunities that arise. VentureQuest believes the problem lies primarily in the organization’s business processes: specifically, the lack of a process that can systematically identify, screen, assess and develop a commercialization plan. To help engineering firms, VentureQuest has developed a six-step commercialization process designed to effectively evaluate all varieties of company ideas and opportunities.


Your most important assets are your people and their ideas. Our healthcare division can help you screen your employee’s new ideas for products and services and increase their success rates. Particularly in healthcare, where innovation is the key to your competitive success, our experienced consultants can help academic and community hospital physicians and management identify and plan new life science products and services. Led by a team of physicians and consultants, the VentureQuest 12 Step Pathway to Innovation has helped physicians and healthcare administrators plan successful new products and services that drive the bottom line.

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Financial Services

Our strategic financial advisory services enable financial institutions and corporations to compete more effectively to gain market share and create new revenue streams. Innovative ideation solutions provide a base line to compare industry norms with current practices and then develop strategies to address existing gaps. Innovation roadmaps and processes are designed to achieve the client’s vision. A snippet of services include:

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