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VentureQuest works with universities to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and innovation through specially designed interdisciplinary programs, workshops, and courses. These programs are targeted to students, faculty, researchers, professional staff, and alumni.

The VentureQuest hands-on facilitated workshops and curriculum provide participants unique tools for evaluating new ideas, understanding the business development process, and answering vital questions in deciding how to take an idea to market. The participants will discover intellectual property assets and learn the business, legal, and financial aspects of commercializing an idea. Programs address how to present a business concept to potential decision makers and/or investors to move it forward.

VentureQuest also works with university Technology Transfer Offices to increase patent and copyright disclosures and assist them to better identify, analyze, and commercialize their highest potential technologies.

Lastly, VentureQuest works with University Executive Education offering certificate programs in Innovation Management.

Accelerating Innovation and Technology Commercialization Workshops

Would you like to improve quickly moving your inventions to the market? Do you need to streamline the time it takes to go from idea to new revenue? Are you using the latest diagnostic assessment tools to quickly identify inventions for commercialization?

Try one of our Accelerating Innovation and Technology Commercialization Workshops. Using our VentureSystem™ and unique processes, your organization will be able to more efficiently and effectively move the most promising opportunities forward to create commercial value. Or use one of our Quick Screening Workshops which helps quickly funnel new revenue generating opportunities. The systematic and rigorous filtering system quickly assesses and evaluates ideas resulting in go – no go decision.

Licensing Guide

Is your college or university thinking about licensing a new technology, an innovation, or an idea?

Our Licensing Guide provides a framework to ensure maximum value and due diligence when evaluating intellectual property for licensing potential. It helps professionals evaluate vital areas needed to ensure a complete and defensible licensing proposition and to discover the appropriate value of the license. The Licensing Guide will provide methodology to negotiate fees to maximize licensing revenue and to complete the negotiations in a reasonable time frame.

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Inventor Engagement Index, a joint project with Max Planck Institute of Economics, assists in identifying researchers who are more likely to have enough of the "right stuff" for the duration of technology transfer and commercialization.
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