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VentureQuest assists laboratories increase patent and copyright disclosures and assists to better identify, analyze, and commercialize the highest potential technologies creating new sources of revenue in shorter times and with less risk. VentureQuest works with researchers and techno logy managers to develop world-class technologies with a market and customer in mind which creates greater value for their ideas and improves the technical or scientific excellence of their research. Our customized screening protocols helps laboratories quickly identify high potential technologies that strategically fit R&D goals, help accomplish programmatic goals, and help create new licensing and "spin-out" value.

VentureQuest’s Company/Partner Evaluation Tool

Does your organization struggle with evaluating potential partners or licensees? Do you want to verify that a potential partner is the best selection for your organization?

VentureQuest’s Company/Partner Evaluation Tool is used to select the best organization with which to partner. This tool helps evaluate a company’s background and addresses its soundness including management philosophy, technical capabilities, market presence, competitive advantages, financial stability, and future potential to perform.

Technology Opportunity Presentation Toolbox

Are you an inventor or a technology manager who presents an early-stage technology to managers or potential investors?

The Technology Opportunity Presentation Toolbox helps inventors and managers develop, position, and present early-stage technologies and concepts to reviewers.

Technology Data Sheets

Does your organization struggle with translating new invention technical information into market opportunities?

The Technology Data Sheets succinctly describe market application of early-stage technology allowing investors, sponsors, and customers to readily understand the technology’s potential. The Data Sheets are developed in direct coordination with the originating inventors and helps to translate the technical language into engaging marketing terms appropriate for target audiences such as venture capitalists and sponsoring organizations.

Licensing Guide

Is your organization thinking about licensing a new technology, an innovation, or an idea?

Our Licensing Guide provides a framework to ensure maximum value and due diligence when evaluating intellectual property for licensing potential. It helps professionals evaluate vital areas needed to ensure a complete and defensible licensing proposition and to discover the appropriate value of the license. The Licensing Guide will provide methodology to negotiate fees to maximize licensing revenue and to complete the negotiations in a reasonable time frame.

Managing Intellectual Property Guide and Workshop

Are you a manager or an inventor that wants to learn the intricacies of intellectual property?

The Managing Intellectual Property Guide and Workshop is geared just for you. You will learn why IP needs to be managed, why IP is valuable, IP myths and realities, and tools for effectively managing IP. The workshop discusses how to develop commercialization strategies, how to build value from IP assets, and introduces best practices.

VentureQuest’s Strategic Planning Process

Does your organization need a strategic plan that develops market and competitive strategies that stimulates technology commercialization? Do you need a strategic plan that’s ready for implementation?

VentureQuest’s Strategic Planning Process enables organization to develop, refine, and articulate their strategic vision, goals, and strategies culminating in a strategic plan ready for implementation. Leadership teams explore strategic choices, gain consensus decisions, and engage in strategic thinking to navigate the organization’s growth. After an internal and external environmental scan, an off-site strategic visioning and planning sessions is held. The result is a strategic plan that identifies market opportunities and resources needed to execute while providing valuable feedback about what internal changes are necessary to reallocate resources.

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Inventor Engagement Index, a joint project with Max Planck Institute of Economics, assists in identifying researchers who are more likely to have enough of the "right stuff" for the duration of technology transfer and commercialization.
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