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VentureQuest has developed a series of online diagnostic tools that technology, entrepreneurial, and investment organizations can use to improve the success rates of new ventures and the commercialization of innovations.

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  • To improve licensing revenue and bottom line growth
  • To rigorously screen high potential commercialization opportunities
  • To decrease time to market
  • To select innovations/inventions that have the greatest chances of commercial success


  • Online, fun, quick, and easy to use
  • Password protected and internally controlled
  • Completely customizable and fully automated
  • Anonymous results based on facts, not opinions
  • “Best Practices” button gives user valuable additional information about a key business area
  • “Comments” button provides a place for comments to be added when multiple users are rating a venture
  • Each tool has tabs for the Introduction, the Evaluation, the Results, and Resources
  • The Results and Reports tabs highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses
  • The fully customizable Resource tab allows for additional internal or external resources to be suggested to user
  • A rating “Guide” button helps the user select the most accurate answer on the rating scale


The online diagnostic tools:

  • are inexpensive to use requiring no IT support
  • provide immediate, pragmatic, and specific feedback to users
  • present a 360-degree objective and fact-based assessment
  • help organizations target services to provide better customer support
  • highlight areas of users’ needs
  • provide a Summary Report of users’ results to better assess programmatic needs


  • Economic development organizations: Wisconsin Technology Council
  • Associations: American College of Physician Executives (ACPE), National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance (NCIIA)
  • University Technology Transfer & Entrepreneurship Departments: University of Kentucky, Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Technology Transfer Departments: Argonne National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Investor Groups: Wisconsin Angel Network

VentureQuest has developed a series of online business assessment diagnostic tools

  • Opportunity Assessment Tool
  • New Venture Readiness Assessment Tool
  • Investment Readiness Assessment Tool
  • Business Growth Assessment Tool
  • Cultural Assessment Tool
  • Leadership Development Index

For more information on these unique diagnostic tools, click here.

We have also developed a series of online technology commercialization diagnostic tools.

  • Technology Technical Assessment Tool
  • Commercialization Manager’s Innovation Assessment Tool
  • Patent Professional’s Assessment Tool
  • Invention Assessment Tool

For more information on these technology commercialization tools, click here.

If you would like an interactive, live demonstration of any of our tools or would like more information about a specific tool, please email

Each of our Online Diagnostic Tools is customized to meet the needs of your organization.

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Inventor Engagement Index, a joint project with Max Planck Institute of Economics, assists in identifying researchers who are more likely to have enough of the "right stuff" for the duration of technology transfer and commercialization.
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