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Using the VentureQuest tools and services, organizations can quickly identify high-potential concepts and technologies that strategically fit their business goals and objectives. VentureQuest’s experienced professionals use our renowned tools and services to work with executive leadership to establish and manage world-class innovation programs for filtering, developing, and launching new concepts and technologies customized for their organization.

VentureQuest’s Innovative Services and Programs

VentureSystem™, Accelerating Innovation and Technology Commercialization Workshops, & Quick Screening Workshops

Does your organization experience problems in getting your innovations to market? Do you need to streamline the time it takes to go from idea to new revenue? Does your organization have trouble quickly identifying an opportunity’s potential for commercialization?

Try one of our Accelerating Innovation and Technology Commercialization Workshops. Using our VentureSystem™ and unique processes, your organization will be able to more efficiently and effectively move the most promising opportunities forward to create commercial value. Or use one of our Quick Screening Workshops which helps quickly funnel new revenue generating opportunities. The systematic and rigorous filtering system quickly assesses and evaluates ideas resulting in go – no go decision.

Ideation Sessions & VentureQuest’s Opportunity Assessment

Does your organization need to develop fresh new ideas and innovations that create new revenue? Do you need to spark new thinking and new ideas?

Our future-oriented Ideation Sessions are the perfect solution for you. Ideation Sessions help organizations predict trends, detect industry transformations, and mine for undiscovered business opportunities. The ability to anticipate and identify potential customer problems will help develop more effective and efficient value-added solutions. Ideation Sessions use VentureQuest’s Opportunity Assessment diagnostic to evaluate whether an innovation has high commercialization potential.

For more information on the Opportunity Assessment diagnostic tool, click here.

Business Development Program, VentureQuest’s Opportunity Assessment, & Market Validation

Do you want your organization to have an innovative culture? Do you want your innovation teams to easily identify which opportunities have the highest commercial potential?

The Business Development Program is an in-depth program that will infuse your organization with an innovative culture in a profitable way. The interactive and dynamic program leads teams of innovators through a proven process to identify, assess, and qualify potential opportunities for new and existing markets. The program will also help teams identify which opportunities have the highest potential for commercialization. The Business Development Program includes VentureQuest’s Opportunity Assessment tool and introduces the Market Validation tool. For more information about the Opportunity Assessment and the Market Validation tools, please click here.

For more information on the Business Model Development Program, click here.

VentureQuest’s Strategic Planning Process

Does your organization need a strategic plan that develops market and competitive strategies that stimulate growth and profitability? Do you need a strategic plan that’s ready for implementation?

VentureQuest’s Strategic Planning Process enables organization to develop, refine, and articulate their strategic vision, goals, and strategies culminating in a strategic plan ready for implementation. Leadership teams explore strategic choices, gain consensus decisions, and engage in strategic thinking to navigate the organization’s growth. After an internal and external environmental scan, an off-site strategic visioning and planning sessions is held. The result is a strategic plan that identifies market opportunities and resources needed to execute while providing valuable feedback about what internal changes are necessary to reallocate resources.

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