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Does your organization need a proven process to identify, assess, and qualify potential technologies and innovations for commercialization? Does your organization have a great new invention or technology but is just not sure if there is a market for it?

VentureQuest’s Opportunity Assessment program is the perfect solution to your organization. Using our renowned Opportunity Assessment Guide and Template, organizations will be able to determine if there is a growing market for the opportunity, pinpoint potential customers and their needs, identify features and benefits, and evaluate major competition in order to differentiate the uniqueness of the opportunity.

To see a sample Table of Contents from our Opportunity Assessment Guide, please click here.

Are you struggling to verify that your innovation meets new customer needs? Do you want to validate your market assumptions about the commercial potential of a new idea?

The Market Validation Assessment is the next step after determining the opportunity has high commercial potential. VentureQuest’s Market Validation methodology pinpoints burning customer problems and helps develop customer prototypes. It also identifies ideal customers or licensees and evaluates the strengths of major competitors. The Market Validation Assessment will help the decision of whether to develop a Commercialization Plan and plan of action including a timetable.

To see a sample Table of Contents from our Market Validation Guide, please click here.

Are you planning to commercialize a new venture? Do you want to create a successful Business Plan? Do you want to effectively sell your business concept to potential investors?

The Commercialization Plan is the next step to commercialization. VentureQuest’s Commercialization Plan Guide and Template helps build a successful business plan. It identifies areas of potential weakness that investors may see. The step-by-step method walks the inventor through the critical areas needed for an effective business plan.

To see a sample Table of Contents from our Commercialization Plan Guide, please click here

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