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Many consulting firms fit an organization’s problems into their predisposed solutions. VentureQuest is not like most consulting firms. Venturequest does it differently; we:

  • critically examine your organization’s innovation challenges
  • ask provocative questions
  • collaboratively redesign your approach
  • customize our diagnostics, protocols, and tools to effectively configure a distinctive solution that works for your organization

VentureQuest believes that there are no set formulas for successful innovations.

Through our unique approaches, diagnostics and assessment tools, the chances of innovation success in the market are increased 3-fold over other solutions. According to a 2005 Business Week special report, 96% of new projects fail to meet return rate goals. Our clients experience a success rate of over 80% with new innovations brought to market using our VentureSystem™ with 70% of innovations creating new revenue streams for our clients. Our success rate and solutions go across industry lines whether in aerospace, healthcare, engineering, financial services, national federal laboratories, or universities. Our highly qualified and seasoned associates come from many different backgrounds and have over 100 years of combined experience. VentureQuest stands for innovation excellence.

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